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CHIMA ANYA: Let It Hang (prod. JEEDO 47)(2013) Free download

It’s been a while since that ‘other’ doctor of hip-hop, Chima Anya, has been featured round these parts but it would be a bum rap if Let It Hang didn’t get a look-in. Essentially, the doctor-rhymer goes in over Jeedo 47‘s ghettotech instro beat Let It All Hang Out, which itself cannibalises Queen’s Fat Bottomed Girls, in praise of one of hip-hop’s perennial favourite topics – the female rear. Cheeky. Or as he puts it, “I never used to be an ass-man/ Now I been arrested four times for harassment”, although, frankly, that’s less ‘praise’ than admitting to being a sex pest. Probably explains why it’s so short. Cop yourself some booty bass here:

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