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CHIMA ANYA: ‘I’m Ill (It’s The Doctor)’ feat. Chemo

Here’s a little treat in the run-up to the release (or in the wake of the release – you can already buy it off of UK rapper Chima Anya’s debut LP New Day. As you’ll hear, he’s claiming he’s ‘ill’ a lot on this with, it has to be said, a not inconsiderable amount of justification. Just as well really – seeing as how he’s jacked Red Café’s fat boom-bap I’m Ill beat. Then again, it’s not like Red Café was really doing it justice especially when compared with what Chima Anya’s come up with which is much funnier and cleverer and which I would quote but for some reason the refrain, “I’m ill muthafucker, I’m ill/ I’m ill, I’m ill, I’m ill,” is going around in my head a lot now. Kind of reminds me of a UK Mr Lif. Watch this space.
Chima Anya – Myspace

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