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CHILL BUMP: The Loop EP (2012) free download + ‘Eponym’ video

Chill Bump’s new free-to-download EP The Loop opens with this sample – “This is the first thing out of your mouth, the first thing they’re gonna hear from you and it’s got to be strong. It’s got to make the audience say – ‘hey!!!'”. Which is exactly what I said when I heard the first track – massive blues-based party-starting bump Eponym. Actually, it was more than that – I also thought, ‘that’ll sound good at the start of the forthcoming monkeyboxing mixtape.’ Happily French duo (rapper Miscellaneous and DJ/ Producer Bankal) agreed – so keep your eyes peeled. As for the rest of the LP they switch from boom-bap to thoughtful, sample-rich, bass-wobble-inflected, scratch-punctuated boom-clap (think Atmosphere getting down with ghetto funk) and then back to boom-bap with banger Self-Destrukt – which starts off with a KRS-One sample and hinges on a…fuck me, is that a sample of Black Sabbath’s Paranoid? You decide. Listen via the player below and download too – either for free or (if you’ve got a moral compass) some sort of donation. It’s a name your price deal. And what price quality, original hip-hop these days? Vid to Eponym below that. Chek!

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  1. Yes! This is what we want. I can not fault this tune. The video is well smart too, love how smooth the cuts are between scenes. Again, thanks for the post! I’ll be sending you my tunes very soon. Mike Dennis.

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