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CHART – January 2012

(NEW) 1. The Milk – B-Roads

Big whiteboy soul/ hip-hop crossover ting…MORE

(NEW) 2. Jack Hammer – Swim

Super raw slice of funky sixties soul, re-pressed…MORE

(5) 3. J-Roc – Hot In Here

Big-ass, ragtime-sampling ghetto funk banger which is still making Fiddy sound good…MORE

(NEW) 4. Justin – Right Now

Fat n’ funky northern soul rarity re-pressed…MORE

(NEW) 5. The Explosive Dynamiks – Whole Lotta Loving

Another super-rare funky soul re-press.

(NEW) 6. Thievery Corporation feat. Mr Lif – Unified Tribes

Lif and the ‘Corp have a mellow rage against the thievery of corporations…MORE

(NEW) 7. DJ Quickie Mart feat. Wax, Gotham Green & Jes Hudak – Roll It Up

Funk-based hip-hop bump all about the green…MORE

(NEW) 8. Jstar – Taxi Damaja

Downtempo reggae-hip-hop mash featuring Jeru on a bit of Sly & Robbie…MORE

(NEW) 9. Morlack

RHCP-sampling party breaks/ ghetto funk banger from that funky Frenchman Morlack…MORE

(NEW) 10. The Doors – Peace Frog (The Captain remix)

Woefully under-sampled Doors track gets refixed by The Captain…MORE

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