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CHARLIE BEALE: Another Man (Scour Records Freemix) (2016) Free download

Another Man Charlie Bealie Scour FreemixIf you were a notable bluesman on this side of the pond back in the 60s, you probably worked with John Mayall at some point – Peter Green, Jack Bruce and Eric Clapton all spring to mind. Very traditional British names of course – but then this was the British blues explosion. Fast forward to 2016 and another name so British that its owner sounds like a relative of one of Eastenders’ main families. That’ll be Charlie Beale. He’s also just worked with John Mayall – in a sense – though you suspect Mr Mayall probably wasn’t aware of this. You wonder what Mayall’d make of this glitch-breaks re-work too though, personally, I think there’s probably room on the planet for an outfit called Charlie Beale’s Electro-Bluesbreakers. Cop it below…

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