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CEDAR SENIOR & IMAGINE THIS: Funk I’m Kickin EP (2013)

[Rating:5] Scour Records stride into the ghetto funk/ hip-hop hybrid arena with their first ever artist-focussed, all original EP, from B.C. producer Cedar Senior and emcee Imagine ThisFunk I’m Kickin. And it is – ain’t no half-steppin. The original kicks it pulsing bass-wobble, Father Funk kicks it restrained and moody wobble (somewhat against type), J-Sound kicks it funky wobble and Howla – well Howla dispenses with any finesse and kicks it ‘aim for the balls’ wobble. This release’s Shaolin thunderkick however comes from DJP who doesn’t really wobble at all because the funk he’s kickin is a stylish analogue break and tasty horns backdrop with synthetically augmented bass undertones as a bedrock for Imagine This’s party rhymes. Another one to add to the slowly growing body of work which surely to christ at some point will challenge the flaccid spectre of Pitbull or some other joker rapping on a David Guetta beat as the dominant model of twenty-first century international hip-hop. Imagine that…
(Out 14 November on Scour Records)

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