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CAPITOL 1212: Love Will Tear Us Apart

CAPITOL 1212:  Love Will Tear Us Apart[RATING: 5] October’s first instalment of top reggae nuggets you didn’t see coming is this – Love Will Tear Us Apart. Oh what – as in, “Love – love will tear us apart – again,” sung in minor key? Yes, that Love Will Tear Us Apart. But not as we know it. For while a minor key unfailingly elicits a ‘Who the hell put this on? It’s on random! For fuck’s sake – Jon, yes please mate!’ response in post-punk songs, it evokes majesty and gravitas in dub reggae – especially when the ‘Scotland’s rude bwoys,’ Capitol 1212, (for this new version is theirs) enlist reggae legend Earl 16 to replace Ian Curtis. Oh what – Earl 16 of numerous collaborations with Leftfield? The very same. Have Capitol 1212 struck musical gold? They certainly have – this is the standout cut on the Scotch Bonnet label’s just released Puffer’s Choice Volume 2 comp.

(October 2020 UPDATE: Given the above, the headz will be stoked to learn that Happy People Records are about to drop Capitol 1212’s Love Will Tear Us Apart with an exclusive dub on the flip).

(Digital out now on Scotch Bonnet Records)/ Vinyl available for pre-order now on Happy People Records

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