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CANTRIPS: For Private Use Only (Vinyl 7″)

Some heavy new psych-funk coming out of Oz on For Private Use Only by Cantrips – a crew composed of band leader Patrick Ryan and like-minded members of both Karate Boogaloo and Surprise Chef. Unusually the name of the single isn’t the name of either of the tracks contained thereon for these are A-side The Prayer and B-side The Big Break. Both cuts were apparently inspired by David Axelrod’s work with The Electric Prunes and the latter is an uptempo instro featuring – well – a big drum break, a suitably Electric Prune-ish fuzz bassline and piano and Farfisa organ. The organ in particular enters into territory currently being (re)explored by Sababa 5. What you really want this for however is A-side The Prayer which alternates the employment of epic distorted spaghetti western guitars with no less epic piano over an insistent drum break or as the PR puts it, “Boom Bap funk meets Gregorian-influenced ’70s psychedelic rock.” Either way – this one bangs – and the minute it stops, you’ll want to play it again.
(Out 14 April on Dune Castle Records)

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