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CANNON & MIRRORBALL: Hot Lovin’ (Don’t Stop Don’t Quit)/ Shack Attack (Vinyl 7″)

CANNON & MIRRORBALL: Hot Lovin'Despite the sad news today that Cannon & Ball’s Bobby Ball has passed on to the great light comedy channel in the sky, disco mash-up dons Cannon & Mirrorball are back in full effect with two more slabs of belt and braces disco megamix-cum-mashup business on 45. Side A is all about the Hot Lovin’ as the pair don’t stop or quit until they’ve spliced two veteran emcees to an uptempo disco groove.  On flip, Shack Attack meanwhile, very little that is ‘shack’-related, or perhaps ‘Shak’-related (though not ‘Shaq’-related) is safe rhythmically, melodically or lyrically as our duo make sure everything lives together (baby) on a harder-hitting disco rhythm so that you can feel the heat.
(Out now on Disco Bits)

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