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CAMARO 67: Burn Rubber, Not Your Soul (2016)

Burn Rubber Not Your Soul Camaro 67It’s always worth having an angle in the heavily congested traffic of the contemporary retro funk and soul highway and Camaro 67 have two. Firstly, they travel in the afro-funk lane – one of the less busy of those available – and purvey the sort of material you might expect from the likes of The Budos Band and Antibalas. Secondly, they’re named after the first generation of Chevy muscle cars named ‘Camaro’ – which makes for extra image horsepower.

Burn Rubber Not Your Soul is the nine-track deep debut LP for the ten-piece Vancouver band formed from the ashes of Miami Device. Opener Bitchin’ Camaro is a sinuous but energetic slice of Fella-ish funk while Voyager rocks a big Budos vibe. The Road is a loping number big on the horns and another highlight is the scorching Sink It which features some splendid organ action. Although it consists mainly of instrumentals, the ‘big on horns wah’ Helicopter ups the smokey jazz club ante and features a brief but capable rap from Ndidi Cascade. All of which ensures that you’ll have something suitable to play at whatever time you’re cruising down the blacktop…
(Out 8 April on Knuckleduster Music)

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