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C2C: Happy (Jimi Needles Blowup mix) (2013) + video

Here we find noted scratch dj and producer Jimi Needles administering a healthy dose of remix to recent single Happy by noted French scratch dj outfit and producers C2C. The Blowup mix finds our man engaged in a digital ‘laying on of hands’ to the happy-clapping electronic soul of the original and, without putting too fine a point on it, injecting a stadium-sized amount of wobbly bass. Most people would be content with simply remixing the track. Not JM though. No. He’s got someone to remix the video too. Enter director Maculate to assist in ensuring that the remix competition feels the sharp end of Jimi’s skills. Competition? Yes – this is Needles bid to win an official release of his track on a special edition C2C LP. Should that fail to happen he reckons he will put it out as a freebie anyway. Er – are you sure it’s best to tell them that Jimi?

Listen below and spot the difference between remix and official videos below that…

C2C – Happy (Jimi Needles Blowup) (Video By Maculate) from Jimi Needles on Vimeo.

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