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C.J.PLUS: B-Boy’s Boogie (2015)

B-Boy's Boogie C.J. Plus[RATING: 5] Ukrainian producer C.J. Plus might be from the city of Odessa but the file says he’s spiritually from the Bronx. And how are the monkey’s secret intelligence service aware of this? Because all the evidence displays our man getting his B-boy stance very convincingly on for this original six-tracker, aided and abetted on three cuts by vocalist G.N.S. and the odd handily placed Ultramagentics ‘pella. Expect a range of different flavours of b-boy friendly breakbeat from the jazzy (Kroll Beat) to the electro (In Tha Ghetto) though this one’s all about the satisfying crunch of latin-b-boy homage of I Don’t Speak Spanish and the bleepy, windmilling funk-rock-breaks of title track B-Boy’s Boogie.
(Out now on Tru:Funk)

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