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THE BUTTSHAKERS: Talk Too Much/ Gamblin’ Man – 2009 – review

[rating: 5]

Talking of dirty funk (like I was in the Cookin on 3 Burners: This Girl 7” review) – here’s The Buttshakers. You can tell they’re dirty because they’re named after shaking your ass and have a sassy hot front-woman in the raw-vocal-powered Ciara – no not that one. Talk Too Much is heavy funky-soul that’s a dead-ringer for early Ike & Tina Turner, whereas Gamblin’ Man is – er – well – actually it’s more of the same. For those who only know of Ike as a wife-beating maniac and Tina as someone with a weird feathered haircut and a shit toy crossbow in Mad Max 3 (Beyond Thunderdome), let me clarify for you that this means The Buttshakers deliver a double helping of bicep-building percussion, classic riffage, full-horn section assault and throaty sister-soul vocals. And where’s the harm in that?
Out now on Copase Disques Germany

Listen to The Buttshakers – Talk Too Much/ Gamblin’ Man

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