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BRYX feat. CORB LUND: Gravedigger (2014) + video

Gravedigger BryxBombstrikes producer Bryx and country star Corb Lund (of the Hurtin’ Albertans) getting together! What are the chances? One can only speculate as to how such a genre-quake occurred. Maybe it was like this, one afternoon down at the rodeo – er – I mean studio:
Bryx (B): Say Corb?
Corb Lund (CL): Yes Bryx?
B: You like music?
CL: Hell son – I like both types – country annnddd glitch bass!
[Silence for several minutes broken by the occasional ‘phut’ of tobacco juice hitting well-stamped dirt]
B: Say Corb?
CL: Yes Bryx?
B: You mind if I remix your Gravedigger tune?
CL: Shitfire boy, I thought you’s never gonna ask!
(Out 27 October on BombStrikes)

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