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BRUISES & CUTS (BNC): Make Bail (2013) Video + free download

The new video to the 2011’s free track from Dominican-born, Athens-based, emcee Bruises And Cuts’ – a.k.a. BnC a.k.a. Bossy Ride. Watch and learn, shouty politics bores – this is how to make a protest song – fat and funky with a call and response hook. Within Make Bail‘s perfectly crafted three and a half minutes, the Cast-A-Blast-signed emcee finds time to diss “fascist motherfuckers”, as well as advise people being shafted by the man to “fuck around and get high.” Sticking it to the man while having a party? My favourite thing ever from Cast A Blast – download below video if you missed it the first time…

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