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BREAKESTRA: Posed To Be b/w Come On Over – 2009 – 7” review

[rating: 5]

So good they released it twice…must have been the thinking behind this seven inch. The A side, nineties-underground-hip hop-throwback Posed To Be, already appeared on the B side of the Joyful Noise twelve inch back in the autumn where it doubly pleased the monkey by rehabilitating Chali 2Na after his lame solo LP and boosted the pitifully tiny number of decent hip-hop bumps dropped last year. Yes I did say ‘bumps’ not ‘albums’. The B side on the other best track from recent LP Dusk Till Dawn the loose limbed soul sista cut featuring Afrodyete. Should keep you going till the Bamboos drop the massive On The Sly.

Listen to Breakestra – Posd To Be/ Come On Over

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