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BREAKESTRA: Joyful Noise – 2009 – 12″ review

[rating: 5]

There might be a global shortage of cash money right now but we live in a world awash in retro deep funk. Presumably not content to let the influx of Australian and European offerings from said genre flood their market, LA’s very own funk ‘orchestra’ take it to the bridge with a quality 12” package (off forthcoming LP Dusk Til Dawn) that thankfully recalls the second LP by acid jazz purveyors Galliano in name only. I’m not a massive fan of Miles Tackett’s vocals – they’re always a bit too smooth for me but even so Joyful Noise is an effortless, loose-limbed, late-sixties style, funky soul brother workout that chugs along quite nicely. And, as if to remind us that Breakestra always sound better when they aren’t in charge of vocals (either sung or rapped), we get Posed To Be – a tastefully understated funk-fuelled, late-nineties style hip hop bump with Chali 2Na making amends for Fish Outta Water.

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