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Badass Funk EP Breakbeat Paradise Recordings[RATING: 5] Blimey. Hold the floor. When a label like Breakbeat Paradise celebrates ten years in the business you know you can expect some heavyweight party breaks action and with a name like Badass Funk EP – you know that shit is going to be stanker than JB’s jock strap. Don’t be expecting any wobble though because part of this one’s charm is that in celebrating a label established before the rise of the wobble, the content reflects a time when all you needed to rock that spot were phat breaks and samples.

Flying the funky flame are a range of BBP regulars from grizzled veterans The Breakbeat Junkie & DJP and label don Badboe, to relative newcomer Morongroover via ghetto funk wunderkind B-Side, reggae-hip-hop fiend DJ Maars, regular hip-hop fiend DJ Roast Beatz (in non-hip-hop mode) and nineties refugee Mako in cahoots once more with his sometime partner in crime – the easy rollin’ Mr Bristow.

The A-side (yes – this is a vinyl 12″!) finds TBJ & DJP and B-Side all get funky disco-breakin’ while Maars has no trouble on his mind joining the dots between dancehall and funk legend Sir Joe Quarterman. On the flip, Badboe continues the disco-breakin’, Roast Beatz rustles up some Motown breakin’ Hollaback business, Morongroover goes uptown and uptempo with the funkdoobiest bit of jazz-hop breakin, and Mako & Mr Bristow are all out crazy breakin’ chopping up samples from classic funky soul and hip-hop and splicing a bridge together from three huge drum breaks you’ve almost certainly never heard. There’s a lesson here – listen to boom bap, y’all!
(Out 18 March on Breakbeat Paradise)

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    1. If you mean, ‘Will there be a download?’ – the answer is undoubtedly yes – BBP always release digital after the vinyl has had a chance to sell. No digital release date yet though. Sorry.

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