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BREAKBEAT PARADISE:  Paradise LoungeAhhh the dog days of summer, lassitude, torpor – whatever you want to call it, there’s no way you’ve got the energy to get down! The temperature’s been off the chart for the last three months! What you need is to chill in the Paradise Lounge from Breakbeat Paradise. Admittedly, Boydex X Crash Party’s Rescue Me is perhaps a bit more energetic than you might’ve been expecting from the monkey’s preamble but Bright Idea’s Fun At The Disco settles down into fairly mellow – wait a minute – is this house music? Move along, nothing to see here! Ah who’s this? Pecoe? Now there’s a man who understands how to do a relaxed funky groove – ooh – and Jayl Funk too with She’s Hot. Of course she is, but you’re too spaced out to do anything about it – she can just waft by, right? A bit like Gramophone Soul who goes all chill-blues-breaks with his Moby rework and LROY who adds a bit of stoned soul to the mix. Which just leaves Kakaow to wrap things up on Shimmer, a track where yacht rock and the most relaxed of breakbeats meet. No, really.
(Out now on BBP)

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