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BREAKBEAT PARADISE: Paradise Breaks Vol. IV (2016)

Paradise Breaks Vol IV BBPImagine if you will, a tropical island consisting of nothing more than a conveniently dancefloor-sized clearing and a couple of palm trees. Floating above cloud level at sunset. Oh yeah – and the conical under-surface of said island reveals the entire structure to be nothing less than a giant speaker. Someone clearly has, for this is the cover of the latest compilation of party breakbeat glory in the
Breakbeat Paradise label’s ongoing series – Paradise Breaks Vol. IV – and said artist has also either been on some monumental Thai weed or Paradise Breaks Vol. IV is pretty damn phat. Or both, of course.

Let’s put it this way, if there isn’t something on here to swing your sarong, you’re never going to dig party breakbeats. All styles are represented from the wobbliest of ghetto funk (WBBL’s 2016 remix of Badboe‘s Ghettofunkalicious) to Brit-hop (Roast BeatzBoombox feat. Dr Syntax) and there’s even time for a bit of dnb-friendly action in the form of The Captain‘s remix of Phonomatt & Tommyboy’s 5 O’Clock. Highlights include Timothy Wisdom‘s disgustingly funky Bad Mother, Morlack‘s super slick Chinchilla, The Breakbeat Junkie & DJP‘s old school stylin’ Represent The Style and Mako & The Hawk‘s big beat party monster Party Goin’ On.
(Out 5 July on Breakbeat Paradise Recordings)

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