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BREAKBEAT PARADISE: Breakin’ The Riddim Vol. 2

BREAKBEAT PARADISE: Breakin’ The Riddim Vol. 2Stand by! Breakbeat Paradise are about to deliver the follow-up to the roaring success of last year’s Breakin’ The Riddim collection of dancehall-influenced party breaks with – well – Breakin’ The Riddim Vol. 2 which looks all set to make an even bigger commotion. Part of this comes from the fact that it’s over twice as long featuring a twelve-
strong album’s worth of tracks compared to its predecessor’s mere five. And four of the five who previously contributed – Leygo, Basschimp, Fredy High and Cockney Nutjob are back once again and joined by Illgorhythms, Clairvo, Liberty Chaps, Bezwun, Ocelus, Funkliners, Pecoe and Morlack. Sonic flavours include the wobbly buzzsaw synth skank of Bezwun, the digi-dub of Ocelus’ TLC-plundering effort, the Prodigy-esque old school breaks of Funkliners’ Mad Men, Leygo’s garage-influenced effort and – er – Pecoe’s 90s house-tinged Boom. Standout cuts include Morlack’s closing and schizophrenic Kool Operator, Clairvo’s Kurnel MC-featuring Hot Stepper-lifting Lyrical Stepper, the aforementioned Funkliners number, Fredy High’s reggae-hip-hop cut Boom Boom Fiya and best of all, the glitchy skank of Cockney Nutjob’s Niney The Observer-sampling Let It Burn.
(Out 20 April on Juno/ 27 April globally on Breakbeat Paradise)

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