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BREAKBEAT PARADISE: Breakin’ The Riddim (2017)

BREAKBEAT PARADISE:  Breakin' The Riddim[RATING: 5] Looks like it’s time for another themed EP from Breakbeat Paradise and no prizes for guessing that a release entitled Breakin’ The Riddim with cover art featuring a dreadlocked breakdancer entails a marriage of breakbeat and various reggae-related styles. No prizes either for guessing that it’s richer in bangers than a Walls sausage factory. Fredy High for example, heavies
up the drums and bottom end of Johnny Nash’s rocksteady hit Hold Me Tight, Cockney Nutjob delivers the wobbliest of skanks and chops up DAS EFX and original reggae as he does so and Leygo gets heavy on the bass FX with Tenor Fly and Top Cat’s Informa Tease Dem. Meanwhile Basschimp goes drumfunk crazy with Barrington Levy and Beenie Man and then there’s DJ Maars skankin’ version of Biggie’s Can I Get Wit Ya. Is it possible to pick a winner? Tough call but ultimately it has to be the current king of the reggae-hip-hop mash-up – Mr Maars – I do hope this one will make it onto one of his wax 45s.
(Out 13 April Juno Download exclusive/ 24 April global release on BBP)

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