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BOX ROCKET: Avalanche Psychiatrist (2011) Free download

Long before Frape, happy-slapping and shanking innocent passersby, the box rocket (along with sniffing glue and a gentle game of British bulldog) was one of many forms of more innocent youth entertainment. Oh wait – that was a pocket rocket wasn’t it. Still, you wouldn’t want to call your mid-tempo breaks project ‘pocket rocket’ nowadays though (if you were Ewan Hoozami and Dave Remix – as indeed Box Rocket are) since a quick google reveals this to be a contemporary form of battery-powered lady entertainment. Mind you, ‘box rocket’ can hardly be described as a safe handle in 2011 either as the grubby teenage contributors to organ of filth well know. In fact, if anything, it’s exponentially filthier. How times have changed. Still one thing you can be sure of – Hoozami and Remix’s ghetto funk – um – remix of The Avalanche’s Frontier Psychiatrist is a homemade missile guaranteed to deliver a heavy and messy payload. Careful where you play that thing. Cop your free download HERE, check press guff HERE and player below…

Box Rocket – Avalanche Psychiatrist (FREE DOWNLOAD) by Box Rocket

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