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BOOTY FRUIT: Proper Produce Volume 1 (2012)

They might have shot all their homemade bullets but that doesn’t mean Booty Fruit are out of musical ammunition. Their new series of mash-up material is called Proper Produce and is more than juicy enough to have booty bouncing. And melons come to that. Nice pear. Er – anyway, this new volume features a barrow-load of fresh cuts. Djtzinas and Mr Big style it by layering Screechy Dan over some old ska. Dedy Dred and Mr Bird throw Magoo, Timbaland and Missy Eliott’s Cop That Shit into the pot along with…Jesus…is that…Sting(?) while Smoove & Turrell bass-man Tim McVicar ghetto-funkalises California Dreaming with…Jesus…is that Crooklyn Clan? And finally sanity returns with Mr Fresh’s cut-rich and super-smooth S.O.U.L.. Proper produce, then. You want that in a bag love or have you brought your own?
(Out now on Booty Fruit)

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