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BOOTY FRUIT: Proper Produce Vol. 3 (2012)

For Proper Produce Volume 3, Booty Fruit have taken a simple approach which you could perhaps regard as one very large musical bap filled with a supersize helping of boom. Second cut Bad Influence from Prince Pimms and General Tack beefs up Dyke & The Blazers Let A Woman Be A Woman, Let A Man Be A Man and splices it with Jurassic 5 but the remaining trio are strickly hip-hop/ reggae affairs. DJ Maars brings it with a nifty little reggae hip-hop hybrid which rehabilitates K7’s somewhat cheesy nineties hit Come Baby Come, Livingstone & Canosis reggae-fy Rakim and Cris Crucial reggae-fies someone who I’m sure is really obvious but it’s late and my brain’s refusing to place the man on the mic. Still, there’s no denying the dancefloor credentials of anything on here as you’d expect of a label which consider it their duty to shake that booty…

(Out 31 August on Booty Fruit)

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