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BONDI STEREO: Hot Summer Bombs EP (2014)

Hot Summer Bombs EP Bondi StereoScour Records ensure plenty of summer dancefloor action with the latest in their featured artist drops and the featured artist this time around is Bondi Stereo. I was in Bondi once – during the Australian summer too. The one thing I remember (apart from all the Portuguese Man O’ War, the constant shark paranoia, the constant Funnel Web paranoia, and the dodgy hostel I stayed in) was that it was something of a melting pot – a bit like this. Nice & Smooth’s Hip Hop Junkies pushed uptempo over a much busier break with assorted funky trimmings, the Ultramagnetic MCs and the Lovin Spoonful on the same cut and either the hook from T Rock & Squashy Nice’s Pretty Girl With a Crooked Smile or the same original sample – it’s all there. Any one of these could instigate dancefloor largeness but it’s the ‘hip-hop, dance, feelgood music’ of the ska-hop closer that’ll really have them walking like an Egyptian, walking all over the moon and saying, “Hey!” Hot Summer Bombs indeed…
(Out 17 July on Scour Records)

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