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BOMBSTRIKES: Funk N’ Beats Vol. 3 – Featurecast (2017)

BOMBSTRIKES:  Funk N' Beats Vol. 3 - Featurecast Curation of the Bombstrikes Funk N’ Beats series passes to Featurecast for Vol. 3 and in contrast to his own recent wobbly material, our man pursues a decidedly un-wobbly path through the history of party breaks from turn of the millenium classics to the present day leavened with a dash of noughties deep funk here and there. Among the former are the obscure (but nonetheless dope) Wiseguys cut One For The Ladies from the post-Regal, Touche-only era and previously only available on compilation 12″. Also representing the turn of the millenium sound are fellow travellers Deadly Avenger and Tim Love Lee with even earlier bumps Live At The Capri and Super Rappin No. 5 respectively and Max Sedgley’s massive Happy from ’04. Live funk on the other hand is represented by The Mighty Show-Stoppers ’12 cover of Shaft In Africa and Quantic Soul Orchestra’s Hold It Down while the breaks get more up to date with slabs from (among others) the likes of Marc Hype & Jim Dunlop, The Allergies, AGFA, Vol. 2 curators Beatvandals, Smoove, Prosper & Stabfinger, Lack Of Afro, and of course one Featurecast himself. In summary, funk? Certainly. Beats? Check. Dancefloor kill radius? Fairly wide, it has to be said.
(Out 5 May on Bombstrikes)

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