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BOCAWOODY: Carousel (2017) Ltd. vinyl LP & 7″ bundle + Jump video

Ah Carousel! Once your thirtieth birthday comes around, that clear crystal in your palm turns red, you put on those white robes and hockey mask and get whirled up to the big meat grinder in the ceiling. Oh wait – no – sorry that’s Carrousel with two ‘r’s on Logan’s Run. This Carousel is the new twelve-track album from Bocawoody a.k.a Boca 45 and DJ Woody with quite a bit of help from emcee mate BluRum 13. Why – it’s enough to give you a bocawoody in your very trousers! Yes, Boca and Woody’s Bocawoody project finally yields a full-length LP and it’s a bit saucy as the legendary Bristol beatmaker teams up with the twice world champion dj to pool their best beats and cuts. Five of the tracks on the album are boom-bap numbers featuring the unmistakeable vocals of Blurum 13, while the rest consist of anything from electro-boogie to scratchedelia to fuzzed-up breaks.

The intro is a sample-stitching masterclass and precisely nails the who and what of Carousel before yielding to straight-up boom-bap business with At It Again which employs a pounding one bar loop backdrop for the verses and then hits the funky organs on the hook while BluRum gives it large on the mic. After this Freeze provides a clattery b-boy breakstrumental and the LP’s stylistic credentials are firmly established. Stand Up And Be Counted offers something a little different vibewise with its electro keys and synth-dominated boogie groove while Jump – a funky slab of party hip-hop – is the obvious single. And indeed, should you feel inclined to avail yourself of the pre-order vinyl LP and seven inch bundle – you will find that Jump is precisely the track on the single with 9 instro edits and scratch sentences on the flip. Carousel then, should have dancefloors in a whirl. Jump single and LP trailer videos below…
(Out May (pre-order available now) on Bocawoody Recordings)

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