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BOCAWOODY (BOCA 45 and DJ WOODY): NW/ SW EP 1 (2016)

NW SW EP 1 BocawoodyTwo English DJs meet in Romania at the airport, having played two completely separate events the night before, discover they have adjacent seats, mutual friends and a mutual liking for each other’s musical output? What are the chances? In Hollywood-land – fairly high: in real life – not so much. Imagine the surprise then of both Bristol legend and vinyl hero Boca 45 and world champion scratch DJ Woody to find themselves in just such a scenario. Clearly fate demanded some sort of musical hook-up. Perhaps said hook-up should be called Bocawoody. What form to take though? Perhaps play around with samples, vintage synths and drum machines? And come up with a six track EP? That comes on like a primer for old school eighties hip-hop and nineties underground hip-hop? Everything from fat electro breaks to b-boy bangers to scratchadelic trip-hop? From which the two most dancefloor cuts make it onto seven inch wax? That’ll be NW/SW EP1 then. Enough to give you a woody? You’d boca believe it. Player and promo vid. below.
(Out 4 May HERE/ Ltd. edition HERE)

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