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BOCA 45: Powerful (feat. HANNAH WILLIAMS)/ Sparky Evans (2020 Donuts # 1)(Vinyl 7″)

BOCA 45: Powerful (feat. HANNAH WILLIAMS)/ Sparky (Vinyl 7Who’s this hard-charging straight into February with his Powerful/ Sparky Evans 45 – the first in a strictly limited series called 2020 Donuts? It’s Boca 45 of course, championing the vinyl 7″ as ever with one track that sounds like it was named after a soul sister and one that features one. The latter, Powerful, is the A-side and finds the Jay-Z-sampled Hannah Williams give it large about corrupt leaders over a conga-tastic beat that veers between the blaxploitation and the boom-clap with epic horns on the hook. Flip these 7 pink inches over, however, and you’ll find AA side, Sparky Evans, is b-boy friendly instrumental hip-hop romp. Only 300 of these puppies are being pressed to don’t hang around. Four more 2020 Donuts will follow.
(Out now on 2020 Donuts)

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