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BMD: Funky Beats & Re-Edits (2013)

The Tru:Funk label’s commander-in-chief is DJ/ Producer BMD and damn if he hasn’t marshalled his forces for a second full-length onslaught on dancefloors with Funky Beats & Re-Edits. Now I don’t know about you but that’s the sort of title that leads me to suspect an album that’ll contain some funky beats and some re-edits and hey – guess what..?

Followers of previous Tru:Funk release will already know the label doesn’t take the ‘f’ word in vein so if you’re missing the days when funky breaks imprints put out just that (before being seduced by the charms of glitch/ wobble/ moombah action) take note. As for edits – there’s everything from reworks of sixties funky soul nuggets (actually there’s quite a few of them) to the Scissor Sisters’ Take Your Mama to my favourite – a subtle rerub of C&C Music Factory’s nineties classic Things That Make You Go Hmm. Talking of things that make you go hmm – there’s also a wobble breaks version of Oasis’ Wonderwall too – just in case you couldn’t wait until next Ghetto Funk’s The Icons Vol. 4 next Christmas. Catch the limited cd version for seven bonus tracks, otherwise it’s the digi version for you, my friend.
(Out now on Tru:Funk)

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