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BLUNTSKULL: The Blunt Force EP (2010)

Blunt Force Bluntskull[RATING: 5] Waaarning! Reggae boom-bap alert as Bluntskull delivers heavy trauma to the dancefloor with his Blunt Force EP! It’s all about the 90s bashment feel as the man unleashes a trio of cuts built around muscular sampled breaks like so much armoured cladding. Opener Gwan Like Dem Bad finds our man very much gwan like him bad with Melvin Bliss’s mighty Synthetic Substitution break and a vocal from none other than Burru Banton. Tippa Irie comes out the woodwork next on on Help Out Mi Nation and last up is Bristol’s very own Blackout JA to run ting on the monkey’s favourite – the hypnotic Take It Over. What dem a say!

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