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BLAKTRIX: No CamoBlaktrix is in the house, the mic is in his hand and Chameleon is on the mix – all of which means it’s time for new single No Camo. No camo? Guess our man doesn’t lead a secret double life as a drum n bass DJ or a paintball commando then. Not that either occupation is very likely during Covid lockdown. So how’s ‘Trix been keeping himself occupied though over these tedious months as the government staggers between bungling and being corrupt? Well, we’ve got a slo-mo woozy beat and a very hoarse sounding Blaktrix – I’m guessing he may have found solace in herbal remedies – at least the lyrics seem to be leaning that way at one point. But you know what?  If I’m not very much mistaken, No Camo is actually about the rise and fall of a love affair – on which topic he divests himself of emotional camouflage and bares his soul.  Or as he might put it, goes ‘no camo.’
(Out now HERE)

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