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BLAKTRIX feat. SONNYJIM: Shoey (Prod. A.H.FLY)

BLAKTRIX feat. SONNYJIM:  Shoey (Prod. A.H.FLY)Time for a new Blaktrix single and despite the name Shoey our man’s not rapping about motorcycle helmets (which is spelt Shoei, of course) – though cohort Sonnyjim might at one point be referencing the time-honoured Australian practice of doing a ‘shoey’ i.e. drinking alcohol from footwear. Whatever the provenance of the name, this is basically part brag-rap, part battle-rap and part self-affirmation over a beat so stripped back it’s practically a skeleton. A lone tribal drum and some sort of tribal wind instrument (and the odd gun-cocking) are pretty much the only accompaniment to Blaktrix and SJ’s bars – so props to producer A.H. Fly for making that work. ‘Shoey’ is the first Blaktrix release of 2022 and the follow-up to ‘No Camo’, ‘5 Euro Shades’ and the Dumb EP.
(Out 5 July on Village Live Records)

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