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BLACK MERDA!: Take A Little Time – 2009 – 7″ review

[rating: 5]

Back in the day the Red Hot Chili Peppers used to have a go at making funk. In their heads they were trying to sound like these Detroit legends. Contemporaries of Hendrix, Black Merda’s sound (that’s ‘Merda’ as in ‘murder’ by the way) prefigured the super-dirty funk rock workouts of Betty Davis. Take A Little Time grooves and squelches along on a pimp-rolling b-line which, with a surprisingly Jimi-like vocal, gives you the funk you always wanted from Hendrix but never quite got. B-side Let Go is wicked too. “Just because she lets you share her bed/ Fellas don’t you let that/ Go to your head,” go the lyrics – sage advice no doubt. This is so good you’ll feel like you’ve just come.
Out now on Vampi Soul Spain

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