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BLACK MASALA: I Love You Madly Remixed Vol. 1 (2016)

i-love-you-madly-black-masala-remixed-vol-1Forget the tikka and garam and get your ears round a tasty bit of Black Masala – remixed no less – as the DC outfit’s brand of Balkan brass gets a vigorous bit of polishing from the likes of Lazarus Sound System, DJ Inko, Los Chicos Altos and Omegaman. Mix my metaphors? Don’t mind if I do! And that’s not all that’s mixed for the release is curiously listed as ‘funky/ club house’ on Juno – though the only track this really describes is Inko’s. Elsewhere Lazarus Sound System approach bnb (Balkan n Bass not bed and breakfast) and Los Chicos Altos give it some latin-nufunk vibes. But what you really want this for is Omegaman’s splendidly joyous breakbeat version of genre-blender Bhangra Ramo.
(Out 14 December on Black Masala)

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