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BIGM PRESENTS: Vol. 22 Various Bangin’ Artists (BigMP22) (2012)

I don’t know the collective noun for a group of breakbeat producers like the one the BigM label has assembled here and neither apparently do BigM who’ve settled for the description ‘bangin’ artists.’ For the twenty second time. Yes – Volume 22 – and bang they do. Tom Drummond & Slynk get jiggy with Will Smith yielding percussive elevation as Big Willy shakes the room, Tosses & Varvez slam Onyx harder than Onyx previously slammed themselves, and DJ Rudd goes all ghetto funk gang bang on Sharon Jones and The Dapkings. But surely that’s only three bangin’ artists? It is indeed – no flies on you – for JiggyJoe who has yet to get a mention with his inventive cut n paste redeployment of (among other things) snatches of what sounds like Memphis Bleek. You’ll really like that. Really, really like that. Available on wax too…
(Out now on BigM)

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