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BIG WILLIE DYNAMITE: ‘Cannonball Rally’ video (2013)

Say hello to Big Willie Dynamite – a.k.a. Buckle Bros‘ Mondo and DJ Ray plus one Marc Stretch. Marc Stretch? He of Cali-funk fuelled hip-hop crew Foreign Legion? The very same – and fans of the FL will doubtless be pleased to hear that BWD rock a not dissimilar brand of Cali-funk fuelled hip-hop. This video for Joes Vs. Pros album track Cannonball Rally finds our crew spoofing the wacky world of early 80s U.S. coast-to-coast road race/ car chase flicks. Unlike the the Willie D of blaxploitation legend (“He’s tight, together and mean”) however, our boys aren’t rocking a pimped purple Caddy. Rather they’re persuaded to take on something a little more ‘Burt Reynolds’ (an ambulance with something large under the hood) before entering the sort of ridiculous contest in which much screen time seems devoted to car chases where Lamborghini-driving catsuit-clad hotties race convoys of good ol’ boys in cop cars for the county line. Actually that does sound pretty good. A bit like this…

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