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BIG M presents: Hanzee – Beats EP (2012)

Hungarian producer Hanzee travels to where ghetto funk meets glitch hop on his Beats EP. There’s a bit of a suggestion that this musical topography was inspired by the real geographical location of India what with a bhangra-heavy slice of glitch-hop entitled India Trip and pounding Nynfus Corporation-featuring opener Bhangi being named for a traditional caste of toilet cleaners (at least, that’s what wikipedia claims) from the subcontinent. I say ‘suggestion’ since any pretence at an overall Indian theme is abandoned like a stinky old pair of flip-flops for the other fifty per cent of the EP made up of Saw (a buzzsaw bass-heavy slice of glitch-hop) and the glitchy skank of Bundeman. No soundcloud player that I can find so you’ll have to make do with the trusty old juno player below.
(Out now on Big M Productions)

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