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BIG DADDY KANE: Set It Off (Freqnik & WDRE remix)(2012)

“Let it roll, get bold!” – the immortal lyrics of Big Daddy Kane, here warmed up for you in a funky piano-loop driven remix as Freqnik & WDRE take Kane at his word. Set It Off is the follow-up to the NY pair’s rather good Favela B-Boy Funk single. With it, they drop the remix Big Daddy Kane never knew he wanted but would have taken like a shot in order to ensure that his track was in hip-hop DJs boxes for posterity rather than gathering dust because of the irritatingly repetitious whiny bit on the original – a bit that says “I’m forever ’88. In a really fucking annoying way.” This remix however, brings ’88 back. In the very best way – “Rock the discotheques and this groove is what’s next!”

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