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BIG BOSS MAN: Trans-Pacific Express (Vinyl 7″)

BIG BOSS MAN:  Trans-Pacific Express[RATING: 5] Big Boss Man surprise again with the digital release of one side of their second new vinyl 7″ this year – the track Trans-Pacific Express. Rhythmically funky again like the cuts on previous single Juju Funk b/w The Return Of Baron Samedi, this one (despite the name) seems to head due east a few thousand miles from the Caribbean and go heavy on sounds that recall the psych-funk of Asia Minor and the near East. And I can tell you that the first time you hear this, there will be around eight seconds of head-scratching to the traditional eastern woodwind and percussion as you check to make sure it really does say ‘Big Boss Man’ on the label before a wall of sound consisting of a densely layered drum-break, guitar and organ kick in. You might need to give it a whirl a few times, given its deviation from the Hammond-drenched sounds we’ve all come to expect but it’s a definite grower and I wouldn’t be surprised to find it becoming a live favourite and absolute bomb on the dancefloor.
(Out now digitally/ Pre-order vinyl on Blow Up Records)

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