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BIG BOSS MAN – New album update

The release of mod funkers Big Boss Man’s as-yet-untitled third full-length studio LP Beat Breakfast (Take me to PRESS RELEASE for Big Boss Man – Full English Beat Breakfast LP) on the Blow Pop label has been put back until early late summer/ early autumn 2009, due to delays caused by clearance issues to do with a sample. The album contains 13 tracks though the band haven’t yet finalised track names or an album title. The album and continues to mine the rich seam of Hammond funk and boogaloo that characterised the band’s first two LPs Humanize and Winner. Having been lucky enough to hear the LP, Monkeyboxing has only this to say – it’s another classic. BBM are about to embark on a short tour of Spain.

Big Boss Man – Myspace

Blow Up

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