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BIG BOSS MAN: Full English Beat Breakfast LP Update & Tracklist – September 2009 release

(PRESS RELEASE) The long awaited third album from Big Boss Man; Full English Beat Breakfast is released from September 2009 (Read MONKEYBOXING Review HERE).

Recorded by the band at their 8-track ramshackle studio, the album was mixed by Nick Terry (Klaxons, SMD) at Studio 2 at The Premises, Hackney, London. As usual the band have made good use of their extensive collection of vintage (and temperamental) gear for Full English Beat Breakfast. Head honcho Nasser (a.k.a the Bongolian) plays mini-VIP, Farfisa and Hammond organs, Wurlitzer piano, Moog synths and drums and percussion. Driving bass beat and fuzz guitar is provided by bassman Scott Milsom “the Hawk” and guitarist Trev Harding. The band have once again created a superb spaced-out selection of prime 60’s inspired dance floor tracks: Northern Soul vibes with Black Eye, garage sounds with The Bloater, Boogaloo with Pies and Pastiche and even samba with Full Brazilian.

Big Boss Man formed in 1999 when three long time friends Nass, Trev and Scott, got together for some Hammond-heavy action. They released their album debut Humanize (Blow Up) in 2001 which precipitated a wave of interest in the band, and was a clear definition of the BBM sound: a hip Hammond hybrid of 60’s and 70’s drenched R’n’B, Funk, Latin, Jazz, Soul and Pop. The album went on to be used exclusively as the soundtrack for the 2002 BAFTA nominated short film “Sweet” featuring The Mighty Boosh (Big Boss Man performing in the nightclub sequences in the film), as well as tracks appearing on numerous compilations. Party 7 from Humanize was featured in the Thierry Henry and Eric Cantona NIKE WORLD-CUP worldwide advert in 2006 and subsequently released as a limited single. Their 2005 follow up Winner was produced by the band and Morgan Nicholls (The Streets / Muse / Gorillaz). Morgan (the son of Immediate Records’ in-house songwriter Billy Nicholls), has a studio choc-full of groovy stuff: The Who’s Hammond, Steve Marriott’s first guitar, Clavis, Wurlis etc, etc. all of which were put to good use on the album which continued the trip from where Humanize left off – through 60’s Funk, along the way taking in Bongo/Fuzz, Latin Soul, French Beat, Boogaloo and general Hammond/Moog mentalness everywhere else!

In addition to Humanize and Winner and in between their hectic live schedule, Big Boss Man have worked on numerous other projects including remixes for Paul Weller (The Bottle), a solo project from Nasser as The Bongolian (three albums The Bongolian, Blueprint, Outer Bongolia for Blow Up) on which he played all the instruments himself. Following the inclusion on the Thievery Corporation’s Outernational Soun compilation, Big Boss Man’s dancefloor favourite Sea Groove was sampled for and features throughout the track The Numbers Game on the Thievery Corporations latest album Radio Retaliation in 2008 as well as being used by the Red Cross for a nationwide campaign in the USA this year. The original 7″ version of Sea Groove now valued at £25 in the official Record Collector guide – although that’s if you can find one!

The band are loved by 60s fans, funk fans, cocktail parties and people who are not afraid to party like it is 1966 the world over.

Big Boss Man – Full English Beat Breakfast (2009) – Tracklist:
1. Triumph Of The
2. Beat Breakfast
3. Black Eye (I Believed In Love)
4. Full Brazilian
5. C’est Moi
6. Clown Face
7. VIP 233
8. Hairy Mary
9. Pies And Pastiche
10. Vampyros Twist
11. Trilby Of Fun
12. Slap Head’s Demise
13. The Bloater
14. Luna 2

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