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BETTY DAVIS – Come Take Me/ You Won’t See Me In The Morning, He Was A Big Freak/ Don’t You Call Her No Tramp – 2008 – 7″ reviews

[rating: 5]

The re-release of the former Mrs Miles Davis’ back catalogue is long overdue though it hasn’t happened properly yet. If you’re uninitiated I’ll explain the rules: if you like funk and you ever see anything with Betty Davis written on it you buy it. Wild child Betty Mabry was a model who turned Miles onto Hendrix (and, according to rumour, turned Hendrix on a bit himself), borrowed some of Sly Stone’s band when Sly went a.w.o.l. and made several LPs of scorchingly filthy rock-tinged funk. These cuts’ll give you an idea and they ain’t even the best stuff she did.
Out now on Light In The Attic US

Listen to Betty Davis – Come Take Me/ You Won’t See Me In The Morning

Listen to Betty Davis – He Was A Big Freak, Don’t You Call Her No Tramp

Betty Davis – Myspace

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