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BETTY BLACK feat. THE FAMILY FORTUNE: Cry Me A River (Vinyl 7″)

BETTY BLACK feat. THE FAMILY FORTUNE: Cry Me A River[RATING: 5] Funky Bond-theme thrills in this take on Arthur Hamilton’s classic fifties torch song, Cry Me A River, as Betty Black fronts The Family Fortune on Malachi Trout’s Skyline Recordings label. The last time something of this ilk came out – apart from the late sixties golden era – was probably the late nineties so we seem to be operating on a thirty year cycle for soaring Bassey-style delivery over a funk rhythm. Not that anyone’ll be complaining when that phat drum break kicks in. Get your tux/ ballgown on and get down the dancefloor. Might wanna unbutton for the ten second drum breakdown which alone is pretty much worth the price of admission!
(Out 30 September on Skyline Recordings)

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