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BEAT MOUNTAIN: Vintage Drum And Bongo Breaks (2015)

Beat Mountain Sample PackHaving your work cut out trying to find the right phat breaks without retreading much worn audio pathways? Is the hot breath of the sample police tickling the hairs on the back of your neck because you had the temerity to use two bars of those drums off that famous track? Have you scoured every sample pack and found the right drum pattern done with wrong digital drums? All is not lost! For ye shall seek out the fabled Beat Mountain and there in the fastness of his lava-lamp-lit eyrie shall ye find the Grand Master of all things 60s and 70s retro – The Bongolian of Bongolian and Big Boss Man fame – a veteran of eight LP releases on the Blow Up label who has also: played for Morcheeba, Money Mark, and Jack White, remixed Paul Weller and drummed alongside The Sugarhill Gang’s original drummer on the Drum Drops series. He has what ye desire.

Beat Mountain Vintage Drum And Bongo Breaks – for such is The Bongolian’s creation – contains no fewer than 548 raw, funky and psychedelic old school drum and bongo breaks recorded on a range of vintage drum kits, using a range of snares and bongos in a range of locations from echoey halls to small country barns with the final mixing done at the Beat Mountain studios themselves using old BBC valve pre-amps, vintage spring reverbs, Roland space echo, Farfisa compact reverb and a Dynachord. Oh yeah – and the pack includes them in both ‘dry’ and processed versions as well as in WAV and AIFF format. Frankly, it’s the vintage breaks sample pack to end all sample packs – at least until he does the next one in a projected series. Find further enlightenment below…
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