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BEASTIE BOYS: So What’cha Want (MORLACK 2016 Remake)

So Whatch'a Want Morlack RemakeWhat to do now the man has bought out Soundcloud and Soundcloud is increasingly biting the dj remix culture hand that fed it like some sort of senile Alsatian? Bandcamp? Great setup but upload it lossless or forget it. Hearthis? It’s free, it’s got that early SC vibe – might be the way forward. Morlack‘s got a different answer that allows you to keep all your shit on soundcloud with everything still freely downloadable though. There’s got to be a snag. There is. Pay Hypeddit a $5 monthly fee. Still sounds like the man’s making some green to me but Morlack’s a very happy bunny indeed having uploaded more than twenty freebies in the last week or so – like his excellent re-visit of the Beasties So What’cha Want which has been re-constructed using all the original sampls. Blimey. Cop it below and visit the Morlack’s Soundcloud Inc. for more free goodness…

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