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BBC 6 to close?

The fate of the home of Craig Charles’ Funk & Soul Show and many other quality niche music shows hangs in the balance. Always eager to put their (jack)boot into the BBC, the Conservative party has been making bullying noises about what they’ll do to the Beeb if they win the general election. Instead of saying, ‘Ya Mama’ and telling Cameron to get on his bike however, the BBC have more or less dropped their trousers and bent over – basically proposing to sacrifice BBC6 Music and the Asian Network to show how willing they are to save cash money. It strikes the monkey that here is an own goal on at least two counts. Firstly it’s a massive missed opportunity to jettison that moron Moyles (who probably earns more than 6Music’s entire budget) and secondly it’s probably worth pointing out that acts of appeasement in the face of fascist aggression haven’t historically been wildly successful…plus, while I think about it, what kind of lightweight capitulates to someone BEFORE they’re in power?

BBC 6 Music

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