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BASEMENT FREAKS (feat. Quasamodo): Ya Need A Funky Band EP – 2009 – review

[rating: 5]

Less a question than a statement, Ya Need A Funky Band is some supercharged latin-funk based breaks from Leipzig label Frequento Sunsetsoul. In reality more a single with three remixes than a true EP – Basement Freaks’ original version steals the crown. In a nutshell, salsa percussion gets all jiggy with a rhythm guitar and bass in a threesome that continually threatens to build to a climax but manages to hold itself back from the brink with Sting-like self-control. While this is going on, Greek funk-daddy Quasamodo mumbles stuff vacillating between exhortations to dance and explaining how you’re going to feel if you do – which apparently amounts to feeling like “You’ve just been fucked by a funky band.” Well…quite. Dancefloor gold.
Released February on Frequento Sunsetsoul

Listen to – BASEMENT FREAKS: Ya Need A Funky Band EP

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