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BASEMENT FREAKS & TIMOTHY WISDOM: Loopback Brother (2012) + ‘Golden Rock’ free download

Loopback Brother finds Basement Freaks and Timothy Wisdom take a brotherly approach to music creation by pooling resources – including TW on the mic. Which presumably makes them ‘loopback brothers’ or something. Anyway, this semblance of sibling seemliness spawns a squelchy, hip-hop-influenced (and hip-hop speed, at 101 bpm) ghetto funker which our men toss out into the ghetto funk fraternity for Aussie Slynk to render into a pensive electro-tinged piece of downtempo while Jayl Funk heads discowards. Brothers gonna work it out! Mind you, they haven’t sorted a soundcloud player yet so it’s Juno’s until they do…

As if all that wasn’t enough, Basement Freaks has been going crazy in his (production) dungeon with the Bamboos and DJ Vadim’s back catalogue to work up a funky b-boy froth with Golden Rock which you can cop off the bottom player below.
(Loopback Brother out 10 December on Bombastic Jam)

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